UX lead and visual design for
Rugby Flight Finder 2015

Rugby Flight Finder 2015 is a new product running on Skyscanner's white label. The concept represents what future travel should look like - be activity focused. With Rugby World Cup 2015 commencing this fall, it was a good to time to test the idea by introducing a more personalised travel experience.

Rugby Flight Finder 2015

"Rugby Flight Finder 2015 by Skyscanner"

My role

The Rugby Flight Finder concept is based on the activity focused travel search. No more planning before you book the trip. The new generation flight search will allow you to explore, customize and book the journey at one place.

Working with incredibly talented internal teams at Skyscanner headquarters, my responsibilities included:

With the current project focus being on the Rugby World Cup 2015 event, I started off with an internal meeting to learn more about the future of the project as well as to determine how would success look like. Next, I moved on to the research and conceptualisation.


"Ideas for future expansion"

Personas and user flow

There was a lot of research available about users and activities prior to my involvement. By spending a few days to make personas, I have identified two types of user groups:

  1. Fans. As the name suggests, this category represents highly passionate sport fans who fly to support their favorite team.
  2. Rugby enthusiasts. Identifies the group of sport lovers. Rugby enthusiasts are interested in a good quality games, such as the finals or matches between two strong teams. They can still support their country, but are likely to explore other the activities beyond Rugby games.

With research results at my hand, I have envisioned an adaptive interface that updates its content responding to a different type of customer. The idea was to determine the name of the country first and load relevant content on the home page.

For example, if a visitor is coming from Australia, the interface would suggest that the supported team is Australia and the best airport to fly from is the nearest one from a current location.

The user flow map below explores different scenarios:


Visual design

With every UI project, it comes time when all the hard planning has to be translated visually. Everyone involved into the project were keen to pass the strategy phase and move onto the prototyping.

Since the new product will be running on Skyscanner's white label, I relied on their new brand guidelines while designing GUI.

Full view visual design
Mock-up 1
Mock-up 2
Mock-up 3
Mock-up 4

"Selected views of Rugby Flight Finder 2015"

Final thoughts

The solution has been tested amongst the primary user base - the rugby fans. The prototype is currently hosted internally and waiting for its launch.

While working on this project, I received an inspiring feedback from a Senior designer Judson Cowan and marketing team.

"Saulius did the great job tackling the tasks given to him. He showed great drive and a passion for his work. He was keen to get involved in projects and proved his abilities to multiple teams across the company. The creative execution he presented was a top-tier and impressed teams even outside the creative team."

"Judson Cowan
Senior Digital Designer
at Skyscanner"

Having successfully delivered a solution to Skyscanner's management, I was offered to join a central product development team that works on the official Skyscanner's site.

My next project was to conceptualise, design and develop a search summary UI component for www.skyscanner.net